Plunger Pump 100bar Deburring Degreasing Oil Cleaning Pump Head High Pressure High Temperature Resistant 85° HBN


Model: 0810

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Working Principle
◎ The power is through the crank linkage mechanism, the rotational motion of the crankshaft is transformed into the reciprocating movement of the plunger;
◎ When the plunger retreats, due to vacuum suction, the inlet valve opens and the outlet valve closes, and the water is sucked into the cylinder;
◎ When the plunger advances, due to the increase in the water pressure in the pump, the inlet valve is closed, the outlet valve is opened, and the high-pressure water is discharged from the outlet valve through the high-pressure pipe;
◎ The pump pressure is established depending on the size of the damping at the outlet of the pump, and the damping is high and the pressure is low;

Security Matters
◎ When stopping use, the power supply of the pump should be cut off first, and then the water source should be turned off;
◎ The pump pressure shall not exceed the maximum working pressure;
◎ The number of filter meshes is not less than 40 meshes/inch;

◎ Boiler Cleaning;
◎ Degreasing;
◎ Deburring;
◎ Porcelain Spraying;
◎ Hot Water In The Kitchen;