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This is absolutely a great valve. But IF you plan to use this outdoors, it will need a water tight enclosure. Its plastic enclosure is not water tight. Seems odd for a valve that can be used to turn water flow on and off to not have a water tight enclosure for its electronics. Just a heads up! I finally got some rain and the electronic enclosure filled with water making the valve fail. I am ordering another one (I like it that much!). Also ordering a water tight enclosure to put it in.

P. McG

1/2" Normally Closed valve. So far so go. I am using this to open and drain a well tank in a crawl space during cold winter months on a lake house as my access is on the outside. I added a tee to the drain connection so I can easily cap if the valve goes bad. I was unable to run a dedicated power switch so I am using a Wion smart plug (with cell hot spot and a laptop to create a wifi connection). I drain my tank into a sump so I can hear if the valve opens when I apply power with the app (power opens the valve and disconnecting power closes the valve - I assume using a built-in battery or capacitor). I use an air compressor to clear all copper water lines. I leave my heat on low and make frequent weekend trips so I just have to turn power back on to my well but this provides peace of mind if the power goes out during a storm as temps frequently drop below 0. I also like that this valve is stainless steel and has an attached 3 prong electrical plug.


DIY smart water value solution

I was looking for a valve to shutoff the water in my cabin when not in use. It had to be easy to use (for guests) and default to closed if power lost. This value feels very solid and the mechanism works great with my 1/2 inch piping. To make this work as I wanted, I added a plug to the wires so that it could fit a normal household outlet. $1 at local hardware store. I then plugged it into a smart plug which I can turn on\off with 'Hey Google, water on' or off commands.This valve has no manual bypass but an easier solution (inspired by other Amazon review) was to add bypass piping (see picture) so that if power IS off, I can still open the bypass to allow water flow if I want.Only complaint was very slow delivery time.


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