24VAC/DC 0-10V 4700psi 0-180°C Auto Return Stainless Steel Proportional Integral Control Valve


size: 1/2 inch

1/2 inch
3/4 inch
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Actuator Comes With a Factory Default Setting Of  0-10V Control. Users Can Easily Change This To 0-10V Control Through The Actuator Menu. This Flexible Control Option Makes It Suitable For A Variety Of Applications, Meeting Your Diverse Control Needs.
Actuator Supports 24VAC 24VDC Voltage, With a Control Signal Range Of  0-10V(Default), Providing A Powerful Torque Output Of 20n.M. Its Robust Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (Abs) Housing Ensures Durability, And The ≤17mm Octagonal Design Complies With ISO5211 (F03/04/05) Standard Connection Sizes, Making Installation Easy And Ensuring Strong Adaptability.
Equipped With a 2-Way 2-Piece Design Full Bore Stainless Steel 304 Ball Valve, Capable Of Withstanding High Pressure Up To 4700 PSI (High Pressure). Lead Free Design Ensures Safety, Making It Particularly Suitable For Drinking Water Systems, Offering Superior Performance And Reliability.
This Actuator Features a Built-In High-Performance Motor Control Module And Brushless Motor, Achieving Precise Positioning Through Frequency Speed Control. The Built-In Overload Protection Function Ensures The Motor’S Safe Operation, Making It Stable And Reliable Under Various Operating Conditions.
The Intelligent Menu Design Allows You To Monitor The Device Status At Any Time. It Can Report Real-Time Fault Conditions, Including Stuck Or Other Reasons Causing The Actuator To Malfunction, And Output Fault Warning Signals. The Menu Also Supports The Exchange Of Valve Control Commands, Ensuring Easy And Efficient Operation.
This Actuator Is Equipped With A 1.3" OLED Screen, Offering High Brightness And No Visual Dead Angles, Making It Clear And Easy To Read While Being Energy Efficient. It Can Display The Valve Opening And External Control Commands In Real-Time, Ensuring You Always Know The Working Status. The Device Automatically Enters Sleep Mode After About 5 Minutes Of Inactivity, But It Can Still Indicate Position Status And Control Commands, Further Conserving Energy.

Product Detail:
◎ Actuator Rated Torque: 20 N.M;
◎ Actuator Singal Input: 0-10V/2-10V;
◎ Actuator Singal Output: 0-10V/2-10V;
◎ Actuator Rated Voltage: 24VAC/DC;                                         
◎ Valve Dimension: 1/2", 3/4", NPT and BSP Available;
◎ 100,000 Times Lifetime Design;
◎ Position Accuracy: ±1%(Set By Software);
◎ Recommend Install Below 15N.m Valve Body;
◎ Connection Standard: ≤17mm Octagonal ISO5211 F03/F04/F05;
◎Adopted High-Performance Brushless Motor, Overload Protection of InternalMotor;

Electrical Data:
◎ Rated Voltage: 24VAC/DC 
◎ Power Consumption: 15W@Running, 0.5w@Holding For 24V;
◎ Peak Current: 950mA@5ms@24V; 
◎ Connecting Cable: 7*0.2mm² Cable, Voltage Withstand AC300V;
◎ Fuse: 2A For 24V Model;

Functional Data:
◎ Continuous Running: Yes;
◎ Angle Of Rotation: 90°±2°;
◎ Max Angle Of Rotation: 330°±5°;
◎ Sound Power Level: Max 50dB(A);
◎ Running Time: About 10 Sec.(Per 90°);
◎ Position Indicator: Mechanical and Screen;
◎ Manual Operation: ※ Matching Hexagon Wrench, Wsing At No Power;

Working Conditions:
◎ Withstand Voltage: 500VAC, 1Min;
◎ Insulation Resistance: 100MΩ/500VDC ;
◎ Electricity Safety Level: III Type (Safety Low Voltage);
◎ Inflaming Retarding Level: V0 UL94 Test Method;
◎ Enclosure: IP67 As Per En60529/GB4208-2008(All Directions); 
                     F Type Can Add Dehumidifying Heater (Shop For An additional Fee);
◎ Medium Temperature: ≤80° Can Install To Actuator Directly; 
                                         >80° Need To Install Bracket or Heat Radiation Stand;
◎ Indoor or Outdoor; If Exposed To The Rain or Sunshine, Need To Install Protective Device For The Actuator;
◎ Not Explosion Proof Products, Do Not Use Them in Flammable and Explosive Environment;
◎ Ambient Temperature: -30℃ ~ 60℃;
◎ Non-operation Temperature: ≤-40℃ or ≥80℃;


  1. Building Automation Systems:
    •Temperature And Humidity Control: In Building Automation Systems, This Valve Actuator Can Be Used For Precise Control Of Water Flow In Heating, Ventilation, And Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems, Achieving Accurate Temperature And Humidity Regulation.
    •Energy Management: Its Efficient Energy Management And Automatic Sleep Function Help Reduce Energy Consumption And Improve The Overall Energy Efficiency Of The System.
  2. Industrial Control:
    •Fluid Control: In Industrial Production, This Actuator Can Be Used To Control The Flow Of Various Liquids And Gases, Including Chemicals, Cooling Water, And Industrial Wastewater. Its High-Pressure Resistance And Corrosion Resistance Make It Ideal For Harsh Industrial Environments.
    •Automated Production Lines: The High-Precision Positioning And Intelligent Fault Reporting Functions Make This Product Ideal For Various Control Tasks On Automated Production Lines, Improving Production Efficiency And Reliability.
  3. Drinking Water Systems:
    •Water Treatment Facilities: Due To Its Low-Lead Design And 304 Stainless Steel Material, This Actuator Is Particularly Suitable For Use In Drinking Water Treatment Facilities, Ensuring Water Quality Safety.
    •Municipal Water Supply Systems: In Municipal Water Supply Systems, This Actuator Can Be Used To Control Pumps And Valves, Enabling Precise Water Supply Management.
  4. Agricultural Irrigation:
    •Precision Irrigation: In Agricultural Irrigation Systems, This Actuator Can Be Used To Precisely Control Water Flow, Achieving Accurate Irrigation And Improving Water Resource Utilization Efficiency.
    •Remote Monitoring And Management: Its Intelligent Menu And Real-Time Status Reporting Functions Make Remote Monitoring And Management Easier, Suitable For Modern Smart Agriculture Applications.
  5. Chemical And Pharmaceutical Industries:
    •Chemical Transport: This Actuator Can Be Used For The Precise Transport And Mixing Of Various Chemicals In The Chemical And Pharmaceutical Industries, Ensuring Process Accuracy And Safety.
    •Safety Control: The Built-In Overload Protection And Real-Time Fault Reporting Functions Provide Additional Safety Assurances, Ensuring The Device Operates Under Safe Conditions.
  6. Energy And Utilities:
    •Natural Gas And Oil Transport: In The Energy Industry, This Actuator Can Be Used To Control The Transport Of Natural Gas And Oil, Ensuring Precise And Safe Flow Management.
    •Power And Heating Systems: In Power And Heating Systems, This Actuator Can Be Used To Control The Flow Of Cooling Or Heating Water, Improving System Efficiency And Reliability.
  7. Research And Laboratories:
    •Fluid Experiments: In Research And Laboratory Environments, This Actuator Can Be Used For Various Fluid Experiments, Ensuring Precise Control Of Experimental Conditions.
    •Equipment Testing: Its High Precision And Reliability Make It Ideal For Testing Various Experimental Equipment And Instruments.

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