24VAC/DC 0-10V 2 Way 1-1/4" 1-1/2" 2" Normally Open/Closed Proportional Integral Control Brass Motorized Ball Valve


size: 1-1/4 inch

1-1/4 inch
1-1/2 inch
2 inch

type: Normally Open

Normally Open
Normally Closed
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Product Detail:                            
ISO5211 Standard Interface: The Valve Body Meets The F03/04/05 Standard ISO5211 Actuator Interface For Easy Connection With Various Types Of Actuators And Improved Compatibility;
High-Quality Valve Body: 2-Way 1-1/4" 1-1/2" 2" 1.5Mpa (217.5PSI) Brass Ball Body, The Valve Body Has Been Carefully Selected, Durable And Burr-Free, And The Service Life Can Reach 20,000 Square Meters;
Real-Time Fault Monitoring: Built-In Fault Monitoring Function, Which Can Report Abnormal Conditions Such As Valve Jamming In Real Time, And Output Fault Warning Signals To Ensure The Stable Operation Of The System;
.Auto-Reset Function: Automatically Return To The Off/On Position When Power Is Off, This 24VAC/DC 0-10V 2-Way 1-1/4" 1-1/2" 2" Brass Motorized Ball Valve Has An Automatic Return Function When The Power Is Off, Ensuring The Safety And Efficiency Of Valve Control. Designed For Precise And Proportional Flow Control, This Valve Is A Critical Component In Any Industrial Environment;
Strong Torque And Fast Response At The Same Time More Robust And Reliable: This Product Is Rated At 24VDC, With 20. The Strong Torque Of N.M, Which Can Control The Operating Time In 15 Seconds, Can Be Adapted To Most Valve Bodies Below 15N. M For Most Use In Most Cases, Using 0-10V Control Mode, It Is More Convenient To Control The Valve, And At The Same Time, The ABS Shell Is Used To Make It More Solid And Beautiful;
With Intelligent High-Definition Display: 1.3-Inch OLED Screen, No Visual Dead Angle, High Brightness, Energy Saving And Environmental Protection, Real-Time Display Of Valve Opening Angle And External Control Command Intelligent Ball Valve Actuator. After About 5 Minutes, It Will Automatically Enter The Sleep State, And At The Same Time, The Positioning State And Its Control Command Can Be Prompted At The Sleep Time;
Product Overview:
◎ Valve Dimension: 1-1/4" 1-1/2"  2" BSPP or NPT Thread Available;
◎ Working Pressure: 217.5PSI(1.5Mpa);
◎ Actuator Rated Torque: 20N.m; 
◎ Recomand Install Below 15N.m Valvd Body; 
◎ Rated Voltage: 24VAC/DC;
◎ Position Feedback:  0-10V; 
◎ Position Accuracy: ±1%(Set By Software); 
◎ Adopted High-Performance Brushless Motor, Overload Protection of Internal Motor; 
◎ It can be used 20,000 times.*1; 
◎ Connection Standard: ISO5211 F03/F04/F05;

Electrical Data:
◎ Rated Voltage: AC/DC24V (AC18-28V; DC18-32V); 
◎ Power Consumption: 85W@Running, 1w@Holding; 
◎ Peak Current: 950mA@5ms; 
◎ Connecting Cable: 7*0.2mm² Cable, Voltage Withstand AC300V; 
◎ Fuse: 2A;

Functional Data:
◎ Rated Torque: 20N.m;
◎ Angle Of Rotation: 90°±2°;
◎ Max Angle Of Rotation: 330°±5°;
◎ Manual Operation: ※ Matching Hexagon Wrench, Wsing At No Power;
◎ Running Time: About 10S(Per 90°);
◎ Continuous Running: Continuous Running;
◎ Sound Power Level: Max 50dB(A);
◎ Position Indicator: Mechanical and Screen;

Working Conditions:
◎ Electricity Safety Level: III Type (Safety Low Voltage);
◎ Inflaming Retarding Level: V0 UL94 Test Method;
◎ Enclosure: IP67 As Per En60529/GB4208-2008(All Directions); F Type Can Add Dehumidifying Heater ;
◎ Insulation Resistance: 100MΩ/500VDC ;
◎ Withstand Voltage: 500VAC, 1Min;
◎ Medium Temperature: ≤80° Can Install To Actuator Directly; >80° Need To Install Bracket or Heat Radiation Stand;
◎ Indoor or Outdoor; If Exposed To The Rain or Sunshine, Need To Install Protective Device For The Actuator;
◎ Not Explosion Proof Products, Do Not Use Them in Flammable and Explosive Environment; 
◎ Ambient Temperature: -30℃ ~ 60℃;
◎ Non-operation Temperature: ≤-40℃ or ≥80℃;

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